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Property Management

    The difference between a poorly performing property and a successful one, is in its management. Good performance depends on:

  • Thorough tenant screening

  • 'Active' tenant retention

  • Regular maintenance and upkeep

  • Complete records keeping

    Short sighted management plans may present good profits in the short term, but will ultimately result in dilapidated buildings, tenant problems and high vacancy. 

    Using the above tools, and more, I can lower your vacancy. This will allow more maintenance, and thus keep vacancy low and rents higher. And you will reap even more benefits in higher property values, both from having a well maintained building and from having higher rents. This is truly a win-win situation. Happy tenants, a happy owner, and a happy manager.

    This type of management will allow sustainable income at a higher level, for the long term. No need to sell, to avoid paying for deferred maintenance. And, by planning ahead, with a custodial saving account, (through the miracle of compounding interest), major maintenance items will cost less than their actual value.

    What ever your current management costs are, I can lower them. I will beat any quoted rate, and increase your profits too. 





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