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Financial Planning

    Do you have the tools you need for accurate projections of your investment's performance? Do you know what impact your scheduled depreciation and tax position is having on your investment's performance?

    These tools, and more, are available to you as a client of Grimes Properties. Whether I am your buyer's agent, property manager, or as your consultant, I will provide these services at no extra cost to you. 

    We all dislike getting bogged down in the financial planning and analysis in an investment or purchase. But I can make that pain go away for you, by delivering the data in an easy to understand format. Of course, a projection is just a projection, there are no guarantees. I can show you how to perform your own analysis too, so you'll have more confidence in your numbers. 

    With a properly planned custodial (savings) account, you will rest easy in knowing that you are prepared for those expensive maintenance and repair items. And, (this is the best part), you will only pay a portion of the cost of those repairs, due to the miracle of compounding interest! And compared to the cost of financing a repair, say with a credit card or equity loan, the custodial account approach really shines.

    Example:   $5000 expense:
           Financed over 12 months, at 10%, your final cost is:
                                $5275, ($440 per month approx.) 

              If you saved, for the same 5K expense, for 12 months:
                            at 5% interest, $407 per month will yield
                            $5000 at a total cost of $4887 !!

                You just saved $388!

    Imagine what you could save by projecting 5-10 years ahead! The actual monthly cost is low if you plan far enough ahead. 

    Using these simple tools, and others, I can show you how to make your investments return 10% -  25%, or more, over time. Of course, as always, it all depends on starting with the right property. 


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