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Buyer's Broker

    Finding the right property for you involves careful analysis of what you will expect from the property. I can help you to look at a property objectively, separating your emotional reaction to the property from your pocketbook.

    Keeping constantly 'plugged in' to the apartment market enables me to save you considerable time in searching for the type of property you want. I am looking at listings daily, checking market values and performance of each property. I am also steadily building a database of small apartment properties, cataloging what's out there. 

    I can provide a range of tools for analyzing properties, which will allow you to understand the projected performance of the investment, and to make a smart choice. And, as your partner in the negotiations, I can help you secure a fair market price. There are no free lunches out there, but there sure are some expensive ones. I'll help you tell one from the other.

     Here are a few simple questions to answer before you start looking for a property to buy:

  • Financing: How will you finance this purchase? Have you discussed this with a broker or a lender? This is the place to start. Knowing how much you will be putting down will determine how much you qualify for in a loan. There are a many options for financing smaller apartment properties, find out what your options are! Thinking about buying as an owner-occupant? This makes you eligible for even better financing terms.

  • Time frame: How soon do you want to get this project off the ground? 

  • Expected cash flow: How do you need the property to perform? Do you need cash flow every month, or are you looking for a tax shelter? These questions are critical to properly financing and managing your investment. Do you have a strategy planned for non-recurring expenses? (repairs)

  • Area and locations: What are your expectations? This is important. Everyone wants a perfect building in a perfect location, but will this bring you the best return on your investment? Everyone reacts emotionally to certain types of property, but the numbers are what your should be looking at.

  • Don't hesitate to call or email with any questions!


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